Release descriptions cut off

We used to publish our release notes in the description field of the release on Github.
It seems that a new size constraint for this description field has been introduces recently, through which we’ve lost major parts of all our past release notes (see e.g. here for a cut off page).

Is there any way to get the lost information back? When was this new constraint introduced any why? We can certainly move the content to wiki pages, but it would be awesome if there’d be any way to recover all the information. Any hints are welcome, thanks!

Could you please post a picture for posterity? (preferably w/ an arrow pointing to the truncation)

I presume that if you went to edit the content, the rest of it would be present.

Personally, I found the linked item to be way too long for a releases page.

Fwiw, kubernetes does this:

And then includes a link to an item like this:

Thanks for your reply @jsoref!
Funny enough, wanting to take a screenshot right now, I noticed that the description is no longer truncated and all content is miraculously back. Seems as if this has been a temporary effect only, maybe some setting that someone at Github accidentally changed…

But in any case, you are right that it might make sense to move the details of the changes into a versioned changelog file in future and only keep the most relevant infos on the release description itself.

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