Rejected GitHub Student Pack

So I am a high school student from Egypt and I have tried to apply to the GitHub student pack 2 times and was rejected every time.

All the information was there like the school website, it’s location, and i added a picture of the school bills with my name and my school name on it. I was rejected.

I tried to apply again but this time with a picture of the Statement of registration with my principle sign on it and stamped by my school. I was rejected AGAIN.

My school for some reason doesn’t provide a school ID but GitHub said any proof that I am enrolled in that school is sufficient

They say on their site the accept you wherever you are from so I don’t get it, what else am i supposed to do? I contacted their support team and I got no reply.

Hi there! :wave: Welcome to the Community!

I can see that our Education Team has received your query and it will be dealt with in order. Where proof of enrollment is required, the applications are reviewed manually, and you’ll receive a reply when that is complete.

I’m afraid it’s not the kind of query we can deal with publicly because of the personal information involved. Thanks for bearing with us on this!