Regarding the starting version of the fixed pull request.

I would like to know Do github has any feature which can help the updated code started from which version?

Github has the “View Git blame” functionality, however it will say when that perticular line of code is updated. So  If the code has been refacotred, It’s very difficult to know from which file and which version the vunerable code has been added.

Could anyone please helpme to make this work simple for me?

Hi there! :wave: I’m not 100% sure I understand what you’re asking for, sorry!

If you’re trying to trace where a specific commit came from, that is possible on the command line, using a combination of git blame and git log.

To find out who introduced the code originally:

git blame -M <filename>

The will show lines moved or copied within the file, and give you the original author of the lines instead of the person who moved or copied the lines.

git blame -C <filename>

This will show lines that were moved or copied from other files, and again, shows you the original author.

To find out where in the codebase a specific line of code came from:

git log -S "the specific line of code you want to find"

This will give you the log of every commit where that specific line of code was present.

I hope that helps!