Regarding the legal use of "GitHub" in my application

Hi. I’m not sure if this is the correct board to post this to, but I had a quick question regarding using the word/trademark “GitHub” in my application. 

I am considering developing and distributing an Android application on the Google Play Store. I was following along with the Android Developer docs on creating an Android app ( and came across the step where I needed to configure the project. In the tutorial, the docs recommended entering the value “com.example.myfirstapp” for the package name. I am now attempting to create an actual application (not a Hello World app).

I am currently utilizing the free tier of GitHub Pages for my personal website, and plan to create an Organization Pages site that is structured like so: “”. If I used that site structure for my package name, it would look like this: " io.github.myfirstapp.myfirstapp" (“myfirstapp” is twice because it is the name of the website and then the name of the actual app).

However, I was wondering if I could legally use the word “GitHub” in my package name since I believe it is trademarked? I plan to sell this application to users, so I would be profiting from this app. Note that I am not planning to use the word “GitHub” in the name of my app when I market it on the Google Play Store (I wouldn’t call my app “The GitHub App!”, etc.).

Thank you!

I am not a lawyer.

I think you will be totally fine, but to be sure you should contact GitHub support and get that in writing.

I actually wrote to GitHub Support and this is their response:

“Unfortunately, we can’t allow you to use io.github in your package name. Use of GitHub in a package name could imply affiliation, sponsorship, or endorsement on GitHub’s behalf. Therefore, in order to prevent user confusion, we only allow official GitHub packages to be released using GitHub in the package name. I’m very sorry for the disappointment.”


Okay, well that probably is the reason I am not a lawyer :slight_smile: . Thanks for posting back and good luck with your project!