Regarding My Students Github Pack

Hey Team Github,
I Have Applied For Github students pack and got it i want to ask that for how much time is it valid on my account and can i also reapply for it after its gets expired.

also in my account billing section there is no date of github pro valid till…

thanks in advance

Hey @CyberBoyAyush as far as i know most of the benefits can be redeemed only once,
but I guess you can renew your education account

And what about those benifits that i didn’t redem till now?? Those benifits?

Take a look at this this
It says most offers begin only when you redeem it.So i guess its fine

Ok i dont have need of some benifits now like domains and all so when i renew i need them so i can redeem them at that time?

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So When I Renew It I Got All Of My Unredeemed stuff like domains and digital ocean

Is that a question or are you telling me that you can redeem it?

I am asking from you

That i am not entirely sure XD

I Asked this same question from GitHub support by generating a ticket their answer is

Hi Ayush,

Thanks for checking in. Some of our partner offers are single-use and non-renewable. Most timed offers begin when redeemed, not when granted.

If you have questions about a particular offer, please contact the partner directly by clicking the help available at link on the offer tile:

If we can help out in some other way just let us know at any time.

All the best,
GitHub Support