refreshed PR thinks I want to do a squash merge

I encountered what looks like a really strange bug on this PR:

I started to do a squash merge and reached the point of editing the squash commit message. But then I changed my mind and decided to push some more updates before merging, then do rebase and push. I pushed another commit then did refresh without cancelling the squash merge (which I know is definitely not the best way to use the web GUI), then the refreshed page was ready to do a squash merge.

Every time I would refresh the page, it would show me the merge commit editor with a “Confirm merge” button. Even when I cancelled the squash merge and refreshed again, it still did show me the merge commit editor with “Confirm merge” button.

While I would not consider this to be a very common or serious issue, I think it would be nice to get it fixed someday.

I finally merged that PR by pushing the change directly to the default dev branch. The squash merge editor and commit button did not go away until I refreshed the page once more. This looks to me like some kind of a low-priority web UI sync issue, would be nice to see it solved someday in the future.

The above issue still exists.