Ref Head in Reusable Workflows

It works? I was unsuccessful in trying to do this.

Also, waiting for this feature, tnx

Hey, community!
We also waiting for this functionality.
Please, let me know regarding any updates.

Hi, also waiting for this feature!

Any more info on the local reference scenario?

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waiting for this feature! so useless without it

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Hey everyone - I’m the product manager for reusable workflows. We’re currently working on the local reference scenario. It should be available in the next couple of weeks.

Here’s how it will work:

If a reusable workflow is located in the same repository as the caller, you can reference it with a local path: {path}/{filename}. We’ll automatically use the current ref.

Here’s an example that shows the two ways you’ll have to reference a reusable workflow:

    uses: .github/workflows/workflow-1.yml
    uses: octo-org/another-repo/.github/workflows/workflow-2.yml@v1

Thank you! That will make this feature actually useable for us.

Really looking forward to this - press the deploy button right now please :slight_smile:

waiting for it! where can I subscribe for notifications on this feature?

Looking forward to it, looks exactly how I expected it to work:

Thank you!

Will this work for actions in the same repository as well? Or just workflows?

You can already reference actions locally, see Workflow syntax for GitHub Actions - GitHub Docs and About custom actions - GitHub Docs

@PathogenDavid actions, not workflows, this is the bug…

@tomgrossman that comment was supposed to be a reply to @joshowen, not sure why it didn’t connect as such. I’m aware this thread is for local reusable workflows.

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@PathogenDavid another bug in Github :smiley:

Hey @PathogenDavid thanks! That works if the action is in the same repository as the workflow, but I’m trying to do something slightly different. I want a composite action to be able to reference other actions in the same repository@HEAD, which doesn’t seem to work - the relative path is evaluated relative to the repo the action is being run against, not the the composite action.

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