Red and green version numbers indicate... what?

Executive summary: I want to click email links and open web Gmail on Ubuntu 16.04, but don’t understand github’s versioning colors.

First, I’m a non-programmer. Secondly, to preface my topic, I think it’s a question about versioning. Thirdly, I understand my question is similar to

because I did a Google search.[1] My first Google search uncovered 1716, but 1716 is about lines of code: I think my question is targeting github’s versioning. Also, as I’m writing this, github’s suggestion panel is kindly suggesting I look at 1716… which I already have… but it doesn’t help… which is okay.

I’m on Ubuntu 16.04 EOL, or Long Term Support. Its EOL, or End of Life is 4/30/2021.

Googling "how to open ‘mailto’ links in my Gmail webmail interface, and quickly uncovered gnome-gmail.

I installed gnome-gmail, but found its github page has a red version number of 2.0.1. Red’s not generally a good indicator, and others are green. Clicking on its links I’m not finding what the red and green mean. I looked on the bottom of the page for a legend that would tell me about the red and green version numbers, I did a search for “red green numbers github.”[1] One unrelated, 1716 item showed.


  1. what do the red versus green numbers mean, and
  2. can there be a page legend, or mouseover text, or something to tell what the red versus green version numbers indicate?

Henderson, NV, USA

It seems like you’re talking about the Repology indicator. A glance at that page seems to show that green version numbers indicate that the version on the indicated package manager is the latest available, while red indicates it is not the latest.

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