Recruitment Tips

Hi there,

I am a Technical Recruiter with a Vancouver based Software Development house and we are always looking for new developers.

I was hoping to find out where you folks go to look for new roles? Do you just look on LinkedIn? Do you use Indeed or Glassdoor? Where do developers go to find new opportunities, any help would be wonderful!


Hi! I am just looking for freelancers on fiver or linkedin, I believe there are lots of sites similar to these ones.
Anyway, if you`re looking for a new developers, I have a small team and this is the website that we recently created
So if you need their contacts you can dm me.

Developers are in such high demand that most will be in constant receipt of recruitment messages, even those open to new opportunities have little incentive to explore job boards like Indeed and Glassdoor relative to other careers. Personally, I am very proactive about exploring opportunities and so job boards are very valuable to me… but as a recruiter, you should assume that the majority of talent will never see your job listing.

The strategy you employ depends very much on the type of business you’re recruiting for. If you’re a consultancy that builds thousands of Wordpress sites each year for SMEs your strategy will be very different to if you’re a VC-funded technology company tackling interesting problems.

If you can describe the type of work your company does it’ll be possible to provide more specific advice, but the generic answer is: pay 50% above market rate, be very relaxed about location (i.e: support remote work) and give your existing employees a $10k bonus for everyone they successfully refer – you’ll fill seats quickly.