Recreating Stocktwits


First of all, I am wishing all of you good health and safety amidst the covid-19 breakout. Let me apologize for the idiocracy my question poses as while I have basic knowledge of computers, my knowledge of programming and the steps involved is extremely limited. I have a goal, it’s to create an MVP that would compete with the likes of Stocktwits, for those unaware what stocktwits is, it’s essentially a twitter (both website and application on Iphone and Android) focused on finance. It involves basic charting but more so is based on posts about equities which are time stamped and show performance from said post. How much money would it take to create an MVP of such a model? I’d love to do it myself and plan on being extremely active in the process but I know it’s not a realistic feat. Is the price range in the 1k-10k or in the 100k-200k range? Sorry for such a broad question, i’d love to provide further details if needed and once again apologize for the naiveness in the question. Best regards, Noah.