Recreating repo

Hey y’all, i’m looking to delete my current repo and make a fresh one with the same unity project.

some background - the current repo has a handful of broken branches and also a large file lingering not letting me push without LFS. The current project has new life, some new members joining and i want a fresh start. (i currently have all the updated work from all members)

i was wondering if there’s any repercussions of deleting the current repo and making a new one? or any steps i shouldn’t forget to do?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You’ll lose any :star:s and :eyes: followers. Existing :fork_and_knife: (forks) will end up connected to some other repository in the network.

Naturally you lose all metadata associated with the repository (artifacts, release notes, branch protection rules).

Personally, I’d probably create a new repository, set it up, and then commit a note to the original one explaining why it’s being replaced with a link to the current repository URL. Then rename the original repository to -obsolete, rename the new repository to the original name, and finally archive the original (now obsolete) repository.