Recover deleted account name

I had deleted my old account @ksengine . But It’s still visible to github and search engines.

I had created a new account named @ksenginew . Now I want to use @Ksengine name to my new account. Or Can I recover old account?. Anyway I want a single account named @Ksengine

Thanks for any help.

Hi there,

As you mention the ksengine account appears to still be live, so it seems like the deletion didn’t happen, which might be handy here.

If you want to keep the username on the new account you should rename the old account to something else, then rename the new account to the preferred name, after which you can safely delete the old account.

Please read this great resource on how to do this and what the change will mean for the accounts and content:

If you need further assistance you’ll need to contact private support as we can’t discuss particulars about an account on the Community forum.

I hope that’s of some help.

Billy :cowboy_hat_face: