Recently scheduled tasks are not being executed

I’m having an issue recently where tasks scheduled in the near future, e.g. 1, 2, or 5 minutes from now using a UTC cron schedule just never run.

For example, at 7:18 PM EDT I made the commit that added this schedule.  This should be run at 7:24 PM EDT (i.e., 23:24 UTC).

    - cron: '24 23 * * *'

It is now 7:45 PM EDT, but there is no start of a run or error to be found.

Is there some known minimum amount of time between when a scheduled run’s code is committed and the schedule time that it will definitely be executed?

I haven’t been able to find this mentioned in the documentation, logs, or any other way to debug this case.  When I switch the workflow to using on: push, everything works fine as expected.

Update: I merged this branch into master and it ran fine as expected.

Which makes me wonder about this ambiguous line in the workflow syntax docs:

> Scheduled workflows run on the latest commit on the default or base branch.

I had read this to as saying that when my scheduled workflows run, that the code that they “run on” or use at runtime [for checkout] would be what exists on the default branch.

Now I wonder if the intent is to communicate that only scheduled workflows which exist on the default branch will execute at all.  That seems to be how it behaves.  If that’s the case, it would be nice to have this clarified in the docs.

Thank you,