Recently GitHub Actions has fails downloading

I use download-maven-plugin:wget in order to download some legacy dependencies unavailable on Maven Central or any other public Maven repository. Some are binary distributions, some source packages. Some are on Apache archive servers, some are download links for GitHub releases, downloading source code as ZIP files in order to package them into source code archives for binaries found elsewhere.

This has worked well for a long time (at least two months or so), but starting today I noticed builds failing, e.g. this one Search for “:wget” (without quotes) in the build log. There should be 8 occurrences. You willl also see “Ignoring download failure” at the end of each occurrence.

Is this a temporary network problem or did GitHub somehow start to block HTTP downloads? But actually, that would not make sense, because many dependency downloads in the same build work perfectly.

I think I figured out what was wrong with the build. Download Maven Plugin gave me warnings about download problems, even though it successfully downloaded the packages. That seems to be a problem in the plugin itself. I am going to the maintainer about it. Because the next build step in Maven Enforcer failed with the same error message as if the download had actually failed, I misinterpreted this correlation as a causality. Actually, the root cause for the build failure was another one, namely Maven changing the execution order of certain plugins depending on whether they are defined within a profile or on top level of a module.

Sorry for the noise, we can close this issue. It was really hard to diagnose, sorry.