Recent pull request copy / paste behaviour change

When copying from a pull request the pasteboard will contain formatting characters from the underlying markdown. For instance, copying an item from a list will be prefixed with an asterisk. This is a recent change with the previous behaviour copying only selected characters to the pasteboard.

This behaviour is unintuitive and potentially dangerous. For instance, a PR may contain a markdown list of commands to execute for QA. If copying an item from the list into a prompt, the command will be prefixed with an asterisk, silently modifying the command without alerting the user.

Is it possible to turn this behaviour off?

If the underlying markdown formatting is required, the user can use the ‘edit’ view of the PR.


Hi @john-n-smith,

I’m not certain that this is an intentional change. I need to do a bit more investigation. Could you please tell me what browser you’re using? Also, when you copy text from a pull request, are you copying text from files included in the pull request or from the body of the message?


Hi @that-pat, thanks for getting back to me,

I’ve observed this behaviour on both Safari and Chrome, both on OS X. I’m copying from the body of the PR.

Here’s an example where list markdown is being added to the pasteboard although not selected:

PR copy - paste.gif

Thanks for you time,


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Hi @john-n-smith,

We made a recent change to how this is being handled. Would you mind trying this again and letting me know if it works the way that you expect it to now?



That’s now working as expected, thanks for you help!

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