Receiving Check suite web hooks, even though I've only registered for Check run

I’ve setup an internal GitHub App for It asks for

* check run
* pull request
* pull request review
* pull request review comment

I’ve set those up in the GitHub App’s settings. In the webhook logs I can also see that check_suite events are being delivered, even though I haven’t registered for them. This seems like a bug?

One example event:

**Request method:** POST
**content-type:** application/json
**Expect:**** User-Agent:**GitHub-Hookshot/b6210f6
**X-GitHub-Delivery:** b2e22b80-113f-11ea-8110-55daded6fa71
**X-GitHub-Event:** check_suite
**X-Hub-Signature:** sha1=b9431e54713b46ead8b96839098ef1111f9f8d69