Receiving authentication error when trying to commit

Good afternoon…
I will preface with I am a hardware engineer so I tend to get lost in the fog of this topic. A few years back I was able to setup a github account and had things working nicely. I received an email notification that two factor authentication was soon to be needed. I decided to attempt to get it set up so I did so using a phone number for SMS. I did not change my password or anything else. It all seemed pretty benign at the time although I was leary of what was to come. Today I tried my first commit since then and now I can no longer commit although my local repository shows icon overlays have changed to green checks after I did so…I am using git tortoise as my local client software on a windows 10 machine. Can someone tell me what else I have to do to be able to commit again?

After putting username and password onto tortoise under a commit I get the following results

git.exe push --progress “origin” master:master
remote: Invalid username or password.
fatal: Authentication failed for ‘

git did not exit cleanly (exit code 128) (13235 ms @ 12/31/2020 5:13:43 PM)

Thank you

You need to create a personal access token (PAT) with the repo scope (and workflow if you use Github Actions) and use that instead of the password when pushing. Here’s the documentation on how to do that:

For the token scopes, see:

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