Receiving 404 error when attempting to view team discussion

I have a Public github org with a base permission of READ. What additional permissions would be required in order for a user to see a Team Discussion? Right now they are receiving a 404 error.

The idea is that a user with READ access would be able to visit a Team Discussion and request additional access be granted (i.e. Write) for a given repo. The Team maintainer would then review the request and either grant or deny access.

:wave: @jacebryan, hey there! Thanks for reaching out and asking about this.

The Base permissions for an organization applies only to all members’ access to the organization’s repositories. This setting is unrelated to accessing team discussions.

Our About team discussions article describes what’s required for a member to view either a public or private post:

Any organization member can post on your team’s page or participate in a public discussion. Private posts are only visible to team members and organization owners, and public posts are visible to all members of the organization.

As for the 404 error, my best guess is that the person viewing it may not already be a member of the team that discussion resides in. If that’s not the case and you’re able to reliably reproduce this behavior on any organization, we’re keen to see a complete set of steps to replicate this so we can investigate further before contacting our engineering team for their input.