Received warning from AWS that "we may have old version of oauth token that will be deactivated"

Recieved email from AWS, logged support request w/ them and AWS sent us back to GitHub to inquire if this is a valid concern or not, per AWS rep, the below only affects GitHub users that over 10 oauth tokens and we only have two (but AWS support rep said to check this with GitHub ultimately), I have logged support ticket with GitHub as well but wondering if any in the community have had same issue and what were results:

Original AWS email:

We are reaching out to you because one or more CodeDeploy Applications associated with AWS Account [sensitive info removed by moderator] may be using an old version of the GitHub OAuth Token connected to a GitHub repository. Older tokens will be invalidated and we want to ensure that your deployments are not impacted by this change.

All new CodeDeploy Applications created as of June 2017 leverage a separate GitHub OAuth Application Token per AWS region. This provides you with more granular control over which Applications have access to a repo by isolating that token to a particular AWS region.

What do I need to do?
By 31 January, 2018, you must reconnect your CodeDeploy Applications to GitHub using the new OAuth token. First, remove the old token by following the CodeDeploy API documentation: .
After removing the old token you can add the new OAuth token by following our GitHub user guide: .

What is the impact if I don’t update the tokens?
Your deployments to CodeDeploy Applications not using a new token will fail.

What if I have questions about this change?
Please reach out to support at We will do our very best to assist you through this process.

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