Receive transfer to account with forked repo with issues

I have a fork of a repo, and have been filing and closing issues on this fork. If original owner attempts to transfer the upstream repo to my account, this github help page, About repository transfers, suggests I cannot have a repo of the same name. I am trying to understand what is the best workflow for this transfer. Here is what I am conjecturing to do, and please comment if this is correct, or if there is a better workflow.

  1. I rename my repo from project to project-rename.
  2. Upstream owner initiates transfer. This will transfer issues and redirect forks.
  3. I use a third party application or anyways the Githup API to transfer issues from project-rename to project.
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I tested this workflow with a test account, but got the error:

“<target account> already has a repository in the <original owner>/<repo> network”

Thus I realized I overlooked the second part of this statement:

“The target account must not have a repository with the same name, or a fork in the same network.”

So it seems it is necessary that I delete the fork. Then I will look into exporting my fork’s issues before deleting.

These seemed to be a good way to back up issues from my fork:

I converted the curl expressions into short python scripts that download the two JSON responses into two files and insert newlines and indentation for easier reading.

Then I realized my original problem seems to be solved by transferring my fork to an auxiliary Github account.

Thanks for reaching out about this.

Were you successful in getting things migrated? If not, you could have the original author reach out to private support at to request that your fork be detached from the fork network of the original repo. This way, the rename should be the only other thing you need to do to preserve your repo so you can later copy the issues over.

I hope that helps!