Realtime slack notification bug

When assigning a team with automated review assignment to a pull request, those who belong to that team will be notified by slack even if not assigned as an output.

The only way to turn this off is by disabling the realtime team review notification for individual accounts. However, this setting is useful to be in when I’m a member of a team that does not have automated review assignment turned on.

Resolution: don’t send real time notifications for teams that have automated review assignment turned on. There is also a setting to disable notifications for team with this feature, however this only applies to email notifications not slack notifications.

Hi there @blake-newman :wave:

I think that this is the very same behavior discussed in a couple other threads. But mostly, this one:

The impact trickles down to the notifications from the Slack bot as well, I’m assuming.

Though perhaps I’m incorrect here, but I believe that the Teams notifications are having the same impact here as other users have mentioned in that thread.

If I misunderstand, could you let me know? If not, then it would be lovely to have you submit your concerns through our feedback form, here:

It is slightly different, the last comment is similar.

Essentially the "“If assigning team members, don’t notify the entire team.” works for filtering notifications via email.

However, this does not apply for realtime notifications.

When enabling team notifications here it means that I’ll be notified for notifications that are from auto assigning teams. So I get notified for irrelevant reviews as I wasn’t technically assigned.

As such the only solution is to disable team notifications, however that’s not ideal either as I now don’t get notifications for teams that I wish to get notifications for.

I would expect that when enabling “If assigning team members, don’t notify the entire team.” I would not get notifications via scheduled reminder integration with slack.