really worried person not a programmer

I am writing this mesage as I’m note sure what else to do.

I am husband and a dad of 2 children,  I have a situation whereby my i believe

my wife or most likely someone on herbehalf has been using this service

to have information relating to things thats have taken place and that she

is now telling the world and i am lying about.

I had never heard of this website before i mistankly came across it on my 

phone, when i joined the website and was exploring i noticed things in the 

search bar that automatically came up that were things clearly related to 

our situation.

If somebody is telling such an awful lie about you , and working with people to

try and have words pulled etc , is this really ok ? 

I am not computer person just a dad who has been told he is “mad” for even thniking 

these things

Surely people would not to do this , or would they?  

I am not even bothered by the things that are trying to be removed but that I have 

now been accussed of lying , that i should be put in hospital for thinking these things

she works with people who are programmers etc etc

I have not seen my children and I just wanted to ask people as i really sure

this has happeded.

I can’t believe I have been accussed of making things up and left in such a terrible

way for something i didnt even do

some one please help


I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through such a hard time.

Unfortunately, I’m not entirely certain what it is you are asking for help with. You mentioned “telling the world”, having “things pulled” or “things removed”, and being “accused of lying”. This is all rather vague and I’m not sure what we can do to help. If there is some content that is being published on GitHub that you believe is a violation of our Terms of Service or our Community Guidelines, please reach out to GitHub Support at with the details and they can look into it.

Honestly, this doesn’t sound like a “programmer” problem but a people problem and those are always the toughest ones to solve. Have you contacted a neutral third party that both of you respect to help work it out? If that’s not possible, you may want to contact a legal professional to see what your rights are.

Again, I’m sorry to hear that you’re going through this. These kinds of things are never easy. I hope that a resolution can be found and things become brighter for you soon.


i am sorry to listening this problem

Sounds like you are just about to go through a divorce or will be dragged through one. Sorry to hear of your dilemma but since I have already been through it, my advice is to get a family law lawyer and whilst your at it, get a psychologist as well before things start really rolling and will get messy. Be prepared now as later will be too late.

Good luck and take care