Real-time reminders do not cover all PR notifications

Hi, I have set up Slack notification for the scheduled reminders and it is going through. but I am not receiving certain notifications about PRs via this slack integration - I do receive them via email tho.

It is the case when I am not the author, but I have reviewed the PR (and even merged many times). When someone then reviews the PR as well and comments on it, doesn’t tag, I am no notified even tho I am subscribed to the PR.

I have all settings ticked on, but

  • I am not the author
  • I am not tagged in the last review

Email notifications are covered by Comments on Issues and Pull Requests in the email notification settings

Can the real-time reminders be extended to cover the email notifications as well, so I can fully use the slack integration and not having to have such “backup”?



Possibly the same issue here:

  • I’m the author of a PR
  • Someone reviews the PR (and chooses “Comment” instead of “Approve” or “Request Changes”, possibly also with many review-comments)
  • I have real-time alerts enabled via Slack, with all event types enabled (including “Someone comments on your PR”)

But, notifications are not sent to Slack. All other types seem to be working fine, though.