Real Basic Question on Git Bash

Using Git Bash, inside my Windows My Documents folder, I just typed git init, when I should have first changed directory to the new git_practice directory I had created. I’m worried about what effect this is going to have on the My Documents folder and its contents, e.g. somehow overwrite everything, although that hasn’t happened yet!

Can someone tell me please how to “un-initialise” My Documents? And also, will I experience any problems following my mistake?

I have been following a Codecademy course and this is how I got into this trouble.

Thanks for any help you can give.

I have done some research and it appears all “git init” does is create the hidden file .git

So I have to delete it using “rm -rf .git”

Does that sound correct? Thanks for any help.

That should take care of it yes. Keep in mind that git init only creates that hidden .git folder. Unless you used git add ... and git commit ... nothing would have been added to that repository at all. Cheers!

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