is not used as an index page?

From what I could README.mds should be used for github pages when the user requests the directory.

However this is not the case, if I add README.html to the end of the URL then it works.  If I change the case of the to either or then it also appears to work.

e.g. for this repo  the following work  (  (  (

but not (

This seems contrary to the documentation I could find and generally the canonical case for the markdown file seems to be

So am I missing something, is the documentation wrong?

Hi @jtnord!

Hmmm, very interesting. I’m not able to reproduce this behavior in one of my test sites, but I can definitely verify that you’re still experiencing it in your kubernetes-credentials-provider-plugin repository.

Could you reach out to us through the contact form so our team can work with you directly?

I would love to get to the bottom of this issue with you.

GitHub support have found the issue.

Basically it only works for vanilla README files (ones without yaml front matter).
Seems to be reported at

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