Readme for organization front page?

Is there a way to make a readme which will be visible when someone goes to an organization front page?

This would say a bit about the organization and give a brief description of the projects. I know you can make a profile for an individual but I can’t see how to do something similar for an organization.


Hey! This is not currently possible. The only thing you can do would be set up the organization’s profile which can provide limited info for those visiting the org. You can include a basic description, logo, website, location, and email. You can also pin a specific repo to the org’s repo section. 

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Thanks for confirming that. It would be a nice feature to have.


Just wanted to 2nd that this would be a nice feature to have.

I created one thinking it would work as there is nothing in the instructions that explicitly say it won’t work for Orgs. Managing your profile README - GitHub Docs


+1 would love this support :slight_smile:

Actually, I think I found a bot, as, by the time I created one for my organization, I got the message saying, “you have found a secret.”

Hey there,

What is the status of this issue? @gvegayon seems to mention that it worked for him?
I have just tried, but with no luck so far.

And as @JustinGOSSES mentions, the documentation does not say anything about Organization not being supported at the moment, so that’d be helpful to add indeed in case it is not

Ups, I meant BUG not BOT, so it is not working for me :stuck_out_tongue:

hahaha, alright, that makes more sense thanks!

This is now possible at the organization level.

  1. Create a repo called .github
  2. In that create a folder call profile
  3. Within that put your

Actually as soon as you make the .github repo, GitHub will alert you that this is special and will walk you through the next steps.


Is there a reason why this feature doesn’t exist in GitHub Enterprise yet?