Reading e-Mails Sent to GitHub Private e-Mail Address

Hello everyone!

Apologies if this query is not in the correct place - I’m new to the Community. I’ve a hopefully brief query I’d love some help with. Here’s the problem:

I want to read at least one e-mail sent to the e-mail address generated by GitHub for me.

Here’s the context:

  1. My GitHub account is set to keep my e-mail address private. This substitutes a generated e-mail address ( for my private e-mail address when committing changes to GitHub repositories, so I don’t expose my private e-mail address to crawlers and the like.
  2. I created a GPG Key (3F24B1A65AE0335F3642F048D8936ACB0B57B5DB) to sign and verify my GitHub commits.
  3. I don’t particularly want my GPG key to expose my private e-mail address either, so I used the e-mail address for my GPG key too.
  4. Some GPG keyservers (e.g. the de-facto standard, require verification of uploaded keys to associate a user ID with it.
  5. Verification is achieved by e-mailing the e-mail address associated with the key.
  6. Until that verification is completed, my key is listed without my user ID. Here’s an example return:


To resolve this, I want to read at least one e-mail sent to my e-mail address.

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance!

Hey @JoshSinyor—the GitHub-provided noreply email address isn’t a real email, so it can’t receive or send messages. It can’t be used with other platforms, like that keyserver, that require email verification because that’s not really the intended use of the noreply email address. It’s only intended to improve email address privacy on

With that, it’s certainly possible to sign your commits authored by the noreply email with your key, and have them verified on, if that’s ultimately what you’re looking to do: Associating an email with your GPG key - GitHub Docs