Read timeout issues uploading large number of files to Bintray with Github Actions

We were hoping to move from Travis CI to Github Actions for our releases of Micronaut. However we are running into problems uploading our releases which include 244 artifacts to the Bintray service

What happens is that the Github Action uploads artifacts but then just stops at a certain point (between 150 and 180) artifacts and then a read timeout occurs some time later.

For example log output see

This issue doesn’t occur on Travis CI or locally so it appears to be some infrastructure issue between Github Actions and Bintray (a proxy with a certain read timeout configured perhaps?).

Can please anyone advise whether this is a known issue?


I noticed the following error message from the logs you shared.

Deprecated Gradle features were used in this build, making it incompatible with Gradle 7.0.

Generally, when Gradle detects problems with task definitions (such as incorrectly defined inputs or outputs) it will show this error message on the console.

As the message reminded, run the command with the argument ‘ –warning-mode all ’ or ‘ –warning-mode=all ’ to see what exactly the deprecated features are. It will give user a detailed description of found issues with links to the Gradle docs for instructions how to fix.

Adding ‘ –stacktrace ’ to the command, user will also be able to pinpoint where the warning comes from, if it’s triggered by outdated code in one of the plugins and not your script.

More info about this problem, you can reference here:

I can assure you the deprecation warnings have nothing to do with the issue. I am able to perform a release via bintray both locally and with Travis CI using the same build.

There seems to be some kind of proxy/gateway config between Github Actions and Bintray that is resulting in a timeout when uploading JARs. At this point we have switched back to Travis CI for releases. Hopefully this will be resolved one day.


Did you find a solution to this? I’m facing a similar issue. I get a timeout when finishing the task.
The files get uploaded but another part gets stuck.

No unfortunately, the suggestions from GitHub were not helpful and we went back to using Travis

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