Read PR using bot and do operation on that content

Hello GitHubers,

I am here with my first question. I have created one repository recently. I am also going to create android application for this. 

Now everything is depends on **Pull Request (PR) **like If PR is valid, I have to add that data into Firebase Database.

Can anyone help me? Is it possible?

Thank you.

Hi @pratikbutani,

Thank you for being here! It sounds like you’re looking for help with a specific project hosted on GitHub. While it’s definitely possible another GitHub user might have run into this same issue and can help, the GitHub Community Forum focuses primarily on topics related to GitHub itself or collaboration on project development and ideas. We want to make sure you’re getting the best support you can, but this forum may not be the right place for this particular topic. I’d recommend checking

Thank you for your reply. Let me give you more information about my question.

I have public repo Men-GitHubers which is collection of links for motivation. I would like to make an Android Application for all those contributors. In that I would like to display list and information.

I want to add all data in Firebase Database but it will be time consuming if I will add one by one. I thought to make any script which can read data of PR and add itself in firebase database using JavaScript. 

Thats it. Do let me know If you get anything.

Thank you,