Read GitHub Packages permission for GitHub App?

Hello, I’m looking at the list of permissions that an App can be granted and I can’t see one which would allow my app to fetch packages from a repo. Is there a permission I can grant my app to fetch packages from repos/orgs it’s installed into?

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Permissions on “packages” is not currently available for all1 GitHub Apps (see GitHub Apps Permissions for more details).

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It may be worth noting that you can use either of these tokens to authenticate with GitHub Packages:

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1 At this time of writing, the GITHUB_TOKEN from GitHub Actions is an installation token associated with a GitHub App owned by GitHub and is the only GitHub App with access to packages.

Thanks, that’s helpful. I used an Action and its token to fetch packages from my org, but I see today that it’s failing to see private packages (published on other repos in our org). Last week it was working fine, was the scope of the token’s access to GitHub Packages changed recently?