Read all personal events for a year


I’m trying to build a little tool (GitHub - perlun/github-archaeologist: GitHub Archaeologist) for aggregating my personal GitHub stats by year, to be able to see things like “you spent 200 days contributing to project foo, 20 days on project bar”, etc.

Initially, I used the GitHub “Export your data” for this. It’s a nice way to be able to get “all” your data in JSON format, easily machine-readable and so forth.

However, after working with this data for a couple of days, I realize it’s really only my personal data, i.e. the data related to the projects I have under my perlun (Per Lundberg) · GitHub username. This is part of the picture, but definitely not all of it since many projects I have contributed to during the year are located under organization accounts.

I then started looking at the Activity - GitHub Docs REST API, but it’s tragically limited to 300 events making it quite useless for this, if you have a lot of activity.

What are my other options? I’m basically looking at getting the raw data that empowers the “xxx contributions in the last year” part of my profile page. It cannot be that hard, can it? :smiley:

Many thanks in advance, and apologies if this has been posted already. (I looked briefly but couldn’t find any existing thread about this.)

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Partially answering my own question, these links seem useful: