Read a statement and classify the objects in the statement

Hi All

I am a Noob at programming, with basic understanding of Python, but trying to climb a big mountain.

I want to develop a program which can help read a statement, and identify the different objects in a statement.

Example: "If you invest $100 at an interest rate of 15%, how much will you have at the end of eight years? "
From this statement, the need is to calculate the value after 8 years of the investment.

S o my program should be able to classify the objects in the statement:

1. Amount to invest = $100

2. Interest rate = 15%

3. Time = 8 years

4. And identify that it needs to calculate the future value of the investment.

I have been researching on NLP and ML to do this by training the data.

I want to know if I am exploring the right option, and also, is this a really difficult task given the current advancement in NLP and ML. (I want to understand the difficulty, given that I am only focussing on statements related to finance). Also if possible, can someone share with me any relevant link

Also, apologies if I have broken any of the community standards on asking the questions as I am new to the community

Hi @himanshus111! Thank you for the questions. I have moved your post from the “Learning Lab” board to the “Programming Help and Discussion” board. Hopefully this will help you get more responses and more visibility.