React on GitHub Pages


So I am fairly new to React and JavaScript as a whole. I have used GitHub a bit before but never pages. I am learning how to use React currently and would like to link my GitHub pages to it. I watched a video tutorial but it hasn’t seemed to have worked out to well for me. Currently all you are able to find is a blank page, and I am not too sure what I have done wrong. <- <-

There are the two links for the react app, if anyone could give me a pointer on what I have done wrong here, would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Hi @hampiongh,

Thank you for being here! React usually has a build step that will compile your site and send the output to a folder called dist/ or build/ or something similar. In order to serve this site successfully on GitHub Pages you’ll need to push only the contents of this folder—and not the whole repository—to the gh-pages branch.

There is a community-created tool that can help with this; the gh-pages npm package. Here is a nice tutorial which includes instructions for installing the gh-pages gem.

And here is another that I found to be very clear.

Any time you wish to deploy your site you’ll need to run npm run deploy, and that will automatically publish the correct folder to GitHub for you.