Reached artifact limit?

We’ve started seeing failures in a 1/2 hourly CI process that created 4 artifacts (each with a single HTML file with unit test results).

What we are seeing are the following messages: 

##[error]Cannot upload artifacts. You may have reached your capacity.
##[error]Exit code 1 returned from process: file name '/home/runner/runners/2.160.2/bin/Runner.PluginHost', arguments 'action "GitHub.Runner.Plugins.Artifact.PublishArtifact, Runner.Plugins"'.

I cannot see any information on artifacts limits in the artifacts page or the section on usage limits. But I would not expect any limit to be reached under such circumstances since these are perfectly reasonable artifacts to create from a CI run.

This is obviously a large concern over usage limits, especially as we’re on a paid teams plan. Can anyone from Github comment?


I saw this same error earlier too, and then my build got stuck. Seems like there’s some kind of outage with actions right now.

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This looks like a bug. Looking into this. Will update soon. Thanks!


@davidjdixon @pixelmatrix Could you each send me the repository this is happening on (owner + name)?

mscoutermarsh AT github dot com.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Also running into this issue here

No problem. Done.

I’ve had this happen to me too.

Thanks everyone. This is now resolved.

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We are still facing the same on (private repo). 

You need to add new step:

- name: Create artifact dir
        run: |
          mkdir -partifacts


Could you please take a look ?

You means fixes this bug? Or you updates docs? Even that, Currently there are no way to remove artifacts to reclaim the storage.

I can’t use workflow to create archives right now because of that. Could you look at it asap?

Hi @mscoutermarsh, I’m still experiencing this issue. Could you provide more details on the resolution?

Stumbled into this issue today, super annoying… 

And I didn’t find any info on how to fix or why this is happening.

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Interesting, so I figured out, that under it says how much artifact space you have, it’s 1GB in my case, and I ran out of it. But I don’t see a way to delete artifacts…

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Same here. Our team was already a bit over the limit, so I’m a bit confused why it only started giving errors now, after we’ve already been allowed to go over the limit and get charged.

I’m also very confused at how the cache action plays into this, especially since it has it’s own limit.

We’ve been caching test reports and failure screenshots, which are all farily small, so it’s strange that we hit over 2 GB of storage used, which is why I think the cache action (which caches our node_modules) might contribute to that. But again, it has it’s own limits, so I have no clue.

I am also seeing storage going up but no way to delete old artifacts.

Is this WIP?

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Yes, could we please get a way to delete old artifacts ?


For anyone still looking for a solution, there is a workaround. It might seem a bit dirty, but it works. Instead of pushing your artifacts using the upload-artifact, just push it to a special private repo. Worked just fine for me :slight_smile:

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we are still getting this same problem on our private repo

Please advise how to remedy