Re-running workflow does not clear previous checks

When rerunning a workflow, due to some failed step, the previous checks are not cleared.
So there may be a situation (which happened for me) where you have a required check job depending on some initial build jobs. Then when rerunning the initial build jobs are marked as running, but the job depending on them still retains the old status check, which is not cleared until the dependent jobs finishes. As it was a required check it was possible to merge the PR while the pipeline was still running the initial build jobs and that required check has not yet started, but had an old OK status.

Hi @paulius-p,

Yes, it could be. If the initial build job is still rerunning, the required check job depending on it could still retain old status check.

If the initial build job is not required for the pull request, you can merge the PR.

It’s recommended to share a repo with details, then we can talk further.


It’s a private enterprise repo, but not sure how it depends on the repo. It’s just the logic, that the checks are not cleared when rerunning.