Re-run jobs button disappeared on build workflows which failed

re-run jobs button disappeared on build workflows which failed. for instance here [TEST] JBPM-9456 by Ginxo · Pull Request #1519 · kiegroup/droolsjbpm-build-bootstrap · GitHub with comparison to [BXMSPROD-1037] - Upgrade jackson-databind to 2.11.0 by akoufoudakis · Pull Request #1557 · kiegroup/droolsjbpm-build-bootstrap · GitHub


Once we are past retention Configuring the retention period for GitHub Actions artifacts and logs in your repository - GitHub Docs re-runs won’t be possible.

Thanks for the feedback!

sorry, didn’t notice the response/answer before.
Actually that “Artifact and log retention” setting option is for output from running workflow AFAIU, but if you want to run it after a while, the setting is misleading in my opinion.
Why would you care about retention, if you would like to throw away the previous results and start the new one? But you can’t on the PR. Like I can have old PR with workflow run and I don’t care about it anymore, because if it is ran again after a while the new one is on different branch content as baseline in time.

I would expect an option to trigger/run it now, the retention setting is not related to it. What I miss here?