Re-run checks after updating workflow yml file

We have a repo with a workflow, to run some tests

I then update that workflow via a PR, to have checks which use updated versions of dependencies

How can I re-run checks for a PR that was already existing, but have the checks run with the updated workflow? Is this possible via the UI?
I can see how to re-run checks, but it is using the workflow configuration that was place before the workflow was updated.

I’ve noticed that too I don’t think there is UI solution for that the easiest way is to just use git from command line.

so the github actions can be used to run the checks for an unmerged PR from the command line? How to do that?

Easiest way: Merge (or cherry-pick) the updated workflow into the PR branch and push. The push trigger will make it run. And possibly the pull_request one will cause a second run, if its branch filter matches. :slightly_smiling_face:

I made a workaround, where i updated my workflow yml file, and added some event types for the pull request trigger. If I assign somebody to a PR the tests will run, from the updated yml
Added in my “on” section:

    types: [assigned, opened, synchronize, reopened]