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Cookie again,  if it’s at all possible to scrape this one completely and start anew I’m willing.  Only that I’ve tried,  and I think Windows Power Shell,  the Command Line and Git Bash are all connected.  So I can’t use any of them without a Path Correction. Since I’m utilizing Tower presently,  I can see how I’ve committed 3 files that should not be together, all together and the Path is in with this group.  If anyone can tell me how to fix this or how to start over I’d be very grateful.  Want to go back to learning Node.js. :slight_smile:

I know as though I’ve not messed up enough already, Huh!

This is not a bot initiated program problem.  I took an Internet course on Git, with Udemy, I did all the instructor said to do.   Thing is files from another program , another class,  in node.js started putting the work from that class into git also.  I had no knowledge of this , until I went back to do more work for the git class . Then I saw the  “greet.js”  file from the node.js class,  unfortunately I attempted to add the file with the little knowledge I had.  When this failed,  I enlisted help from StackOver Flow,  Medium and  Google Info. in attempt to fix the problem.  That’s when things got complicated, and then the more I tried to fix it,  the worst thing’s  got.  So it’s not a bot stimulated program problem,  I really worked at making this mess.   Can You HELP ME anyway???   Is it it posible to scrap this one and start anew, because that’s what I think it’s gonna take.

I moved these posts to another forum and their own topic because they didn’t involve GitHub Learning Lab at all.

Git is a distributed version control system that allows you to create as many repositories as you want. So, to answer your question simply, yes, it is possible to start completely anew with a new Git repository. You can create a new Git repository by:

  1. Creating a new directory separate from the old Git directory
  2. Changing into the new directory
  3. Executing the git init command in the new directory

If you want to scrap the old Git repository, you can do so by deleting the old Git directory and its entire contents.

I hope that helps.

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