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Eatting Crow is truly humiliating, But I can no longer take this, I want to learn.

I have a truly great Problem in that I think I have murdered my Path and Killed the Command Line. Trying to explain it is worthless that’s why I’m leaving this screen shot. If anyone out there Knows How to fix this I’d Be grateful. I’m stuck,can’t move forward UNTIL THIS IS FIXED.

Hi Cookie419,

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So can anyone help me with this snafu ?  I’m ashamed to put it out here and it took me weeks to get up the nerve to put this embarrashment where everyone could see it . But I just want it fixed so I can go back to using it now, Shame has finally taken a 2nd seat.  Especially when I realized I can’t fix it by myself.  I have no Idea what I’m doing.  SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME.  You will will have my Eternal Gratitude.  What do I need to do???  OR

Should I just scrap it and start over, And Exactly how would you go about doing that???

Hi, @cookie419 -

No reason to be ashamed - this specific problem seems to pop up periodically.

We’re missing a few pieces of information which would allow us to help you. Based on your screenshot, I’m guessing that you are having problems running Git for Windows, 64-bit version.

You need to confirm this, and then let us know what version of Windows, which version of Git, and 32 or 64 bit, and which installer you used. I’m going to assume we’re talking about Git for Windows.

From Google Sensei this appears to be an installation issue.  A couple of things to try before you de-install, then re-install any Git:

  1. Do you have both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Git installed? Try using the 32-bit version, may be necessary to de-install the 64-bit version.  Typing “which git” from within a “Git Bash” window might tell us something.

  2. The following was a suggested solution (fix the PATH):

    set PATH=C:\WINDOWS\system32;C:\WINDOWS;C:\WINDOWS\System32\Wbem
    set GIT_HOME=C:\Path\to\Git
    set PATH=%GIT_HOME%;%GIT_HOME%\bin;%GIT_HOME%\usr\bin;%GIT_HOME%\mingw64\bin;%PATH%

unfortunately, there was no confirmation as to whether this helped.

  1. I use Git for Windows myself (64-bit) with no issues, so I know this is possible. Did you try using “Git CMD” instead of “Git Bash”?

Please let us know what ends up working (and what course you were taking!) so we can get this into the Frequently Asked Questions set!



Thank You so much for responding and havinga heartsaying not to be ashamed- though I am.

Yes it is Git for Windows 64-bit version of Git Bash.   I don’t know if 32-bit windows is on my machine the System setting says:   it’s a 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor, Intel® Pentium® type. Windows 10.

Which git :  got me /mingw64/bin/git. As for fixing the path I had gotten TOWER for 30 days of which only 16 days are left so I can see this whole messed started with a program from another class I was taking in Node.js , I had no idea that the work I was doing in node was going to the git bash program.  I’m taking courses with Udemy,  Alot of them.  Anyway I’m trying to answer your questions one by one.  I don’t understand question #3

Should I type “Git CMD”  in the git bash terminal or is there another type of Git of which I’m unaware of. ?

I took the “Git Started with Git Hub” by Jason Taylor ( Don’t get me wrong,  he’s a great teacher,  so great I took 3 more of his classes) this is MY mistake not his.  I got over zealous and thought I knew what I was doing (Obviously NOT ! )    Any way I’ll take any Help You can give me,  I was not fortunate enough to grow up with computers like these youngsters were, but I still want to be a developer.  My mind is sharp and I still am able and eager to learn.

Born in 1950.  God Bless you for answering my plea for help.

This Problem Is NOT Solved yet .

Hi Kevin:

None of these worked.  Tried all 3.  Thank You so much, for at least trying to help me , I appreciate all your help.

Is there a way for me to start from scratch?  I did try to use the 32 bit path with the command you gave me but-no  bash:  C:WINDOWS:  Command not found

bash:  C:WINDOWSSystem32Wbem:  command not found   

As to GIT_HOME=C:\Path\to\Git—It said:   --no such job— 4x’s

1.)HOME%bin:  no

2.)HOME%usrbin:  no

3.)HOME%mingw64bin:  no--  and

4.)%PATH:   no

Any other ideas we could use?  Just let me know. And again Thanks.   (WIP–Work In Progress)


Happy Cinco de Mayo.

Hi Kevin:  OK! A Side ways KUDOS!!!

Ok I left the machine for a while and when I  cd’d  and  ls -l   I got a clean working copy of my master branch back. This made me happy.   So very happy,  tears welled up in eyes,  as a big grin curled the side of my lips,  BUT then  I tried  “git status”  and all the red lettering came back along with a shortened version of the " warning message board."  What am I to make of this??!  Can I no longer use  “git status”  without fear of the old messed up version coming back to haunt me?   I mean I was able to get the clean copy of Master back again stat , no problem.   Just, the other old copy needs to be pruned off my good fruit tree.  So got any ideas how I should do that???    Words escape me how to say Thank You, to you,  for fixing my machine.  I was just about to undo the whole Git Bash project. It must have found out and was frightened into behaving itself.   At any rate , Thank You for what you’ve done doesn’t  sound not good enough.  It need to be bigger, with more gratitude so you could feel how happy and relieved you have made me and my day.  I’m grateful, yet the magnitude of my thankfulness there are no words to express it.  You made MY world a better place.  Thank You.  Cookie419   Happy Cinco de Mayo.

>Should I type “Git CMD”  in the git bash terminal or is there another type of Git of which I’m 

Sorry for making assumptions. When I installed Git for Windows, it added three menu choices to the Windows 10 start menu:


“Git Bash” is one choice, and “Git CMD” is the other. So to use “Git CMD” you need to select that menu choice instead of “Git Bash”. [… and if you’re missing the “Git CMD” option, we’ve probably got bigger problems  ;-)]

What I think needs to happen next is to check and see what is installed. It might be a good idea to uninstall whatever Git(s) you have installed and install a fresh copy.

So going to the Windows 10 Settings panel, then selecting “Apps”, in the list you should see “Git” listed. Here’s mine:


So if you see more than one listing of “Git” here, that might be part of the problem.  I suggest uninstalling Git and any other “Git” you notice.

Looks like I’m out-of-date, the latest at is 2.21.0 - they claim you can just update your install, but at this point I suggest you try to get as close to “clean slate” as possible.

Remember, we’re uninstalling the Git software, not your local code copy, nor the repository on the server. It might be necessary to perform a fresh clone of the repository - but one step at a time!


Hi Kevin:

Well I did what you suggested, deleted the old “Git” and waited 2 days to restart the newer version.   This new “Git”  I also got a “Git Gui” so I opened it and the Screenshot is what I found.   The Snafu continues.  Since I couldn’t use my "Command Line any more I decided to take up Python so I would be studying something in the mean time. The IDE that both new Teachers suggested was PyCharm. (2- new classes at Udemdy). Well that bloody thing withit’s Interpretersand special needs is a conundrum of problems in itself.  Great Ceasars Ghost what do I have to do to get out of this nightmare???   Is there a way out???    Do you know it???    Will you tell me???   

Still need help If Your out there.  

Can someone help ?