Re: github-pages-with-jekyll #7

Yes,  my two questions are related to Learning Lab, because at the foot of the correction it is clearly indicated to address questions to GitHub Community Forum. Help me please to resolve this questions. For me it´s the same who gives me an answer. Bests, Albert.

Hi @albertcamin! I took a look, and left some comments in the pull request.

In case these comments may help others, I’ll post them here too: 

  1. First, the file _config.yml appears to be deleted on this branch. It should still be here.
  2. The post file currently named _posts/2019-03-10-ven has two things that need fixed.
      1. The name currently has a space in it, and it shouldn’t. Try renaming it to _posts/ instead.
      2. In the front matter, the field tittle should be spelled title.
  3. There’s a third file, called posts/_posts/2019-03-10-ven This isn’t necessary, and could throw off the tests. You should try deleting this file.

Let me know if these don’t fix the problem, and you need more help. :)