Re-enable account GitHub Sponsors

When the GitHub Sponsors option came to me, I signed up for the US, however, using the Disable GitHub Sponsors button with the intention of changing the country left me without the GitHub Sponsors option for my profile. When I click “You Sponsor” in my account menu, it doesn’t appear for me to re-enter the waiting list. I would like to get back on the waiting list for GitHub Sponsors.


i am also in same place i would like to add that when i hit the delete account button i noticed it was mentioned that i can re enable from settings , but its not there in the settings … hope its a bug that will be fixed

Hi there, I’m also in the same place, and it’s terribly annoying. Whether it’s the message “You can re-activate your Sponsors account when you want” being inaccurate or a functional bug, it’s just unacceptable by GitHub to have an issue like that and not even answering the forum.

You should open a ticket here: Support will reactivate your GitHub Sponsors

Hi @phnx47, thanks for that! Am I right saying that you should also have a paid subscription or an enterprise account to open tickets?

@klezVirus You can open a ticket with the free account.

my issue was resolved after i opened a ticket , thanks everyone