Raw URL suddenly returning invalid request


The update site of one of my Eclipse plugins is hosted on GitHub. The project’s repository can be found here: GitHub - PyvesB/eclipse-planet-themes: Collection of light and dark Eclipse themes, inspired by planets of the Solar System.

User’s IDEs were simply pointed to the following URL when installing or updating the plugin: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/PyvesB/eclipse-planet-themes/updatesite

As you can see, 400: Invalid request is returned when trying to access that link. This seems to be a recent regression, the problem only started happening in the past few days (see 400: Invalid request · Issue #8 · PyvesB/eclipse-planet-themes · GitHub for the latest report). Thousands of users are now hitting errors when trying to install or update the plugin, which really isn’t great.

Is this sudden change of behaviour expected? If not, could you please investigate this problem?

Thanks in advance.

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