raspberry pie help

Rasberry Pie 3b+

Hi not sure if this is the right place to place to post this so i apologise now if it is.

Can anyone help with the following.

I have recently purchased a Rasberry Pie 3B+

I have installed a fresh OS of Raspien Stretch and have done sudo update and sudo upgrade.

I have followed the update guide for from git hub on trying to turn it into a portable wireless access point for the following reasons.

  1. To use a media server when travelling on a few weeks’ time go on holiday.

  2. Once I have managed to do this I will either install plex or emby to act as the standalone server.

Try as I might I am unable to get it to work, as I am new to Linux and raspberry pie not sure if I am doing anything wrong.

On the raspberry pie forums someone has advised not to update the pie then try following the guide again, I believe they are saying there maybe be a problem with Raspien stretch making unseen changes to wpa suplicant.

Is there another OS I could use say unbutu or has anyone successfully managed to do this.

I am willing to let someone SSH into my pi to take a look.
Kind regards