Random "unknown blob" error when pulling docker image from Github Packages

Hi there,

We were hit randomly a couple of days ago by a random behaviour : Two docker images we had built ~3 months ago and were residing in github packages in each corresponding repository could no longer be pulled.
The error we were seeing (both within our K8S cluster and locally) was

$ docker pull docker.pkg.github.com/myorg/myrepo/myimage:v0.0.1-dev.22
WARNING: ⚠️ Failed to pull manifest by the resolved digest. This registry does not
	appear to conform to the distribution registry specification; falling back to
	pull by tag.  This fallback is DEPRECATED, and will be removed in a future
	release.  Please contact admins of https://docker.pkg.github.com. ⚠️

v0.0.1-dev.22: Pulling from myorg/myrepo/myimage
e7c96db7181b: Already exists 
264026bbe255: Pulling fs layer 
a71634c55d29: Pulling fs layer 
5595887beb81: Downloading 
2ce452eda13f: Waiting 
7e1411315519: Waiting 
8327ab7588c9: Waiting 
cb0530faab3a: Waiting 
68d568ddd158: Waiting 
7be10ee9ca48: Waiting 
unknown blob

The solution was to re-build the images however, we would like to understand what could cause this behaviour. As mentioned above, no changes occurred from our side regarding these docker images.