R Icon for repositories

Hi there,

I apologize if this is a basic question but I am having a difficult time finding an answer. 

When a respository is created with say a Jupyter Notebook, there’s automatically an orange “Jupyter Notebook” icon that gets added under the repository description. I don’t get this when I add a repository with R code. Is there a way to manually add something similar for Rmd or R files? 

Thanks in advance.

Hi there! I think you’re talking about the “Language Bar” that every repository has?

GitHub determines language statistics based on the total size of the files that belong to each language.

We use the Linguist open source library to analyze source code files. If your files aren’t showing up with the language you want them to be, Linguist supports a number of different custom overrides strategies for language definitions and vendored paths. These are commonly used for documentation, vendor files, or generated files. You can read about how to use overrides in the Linguist documentation:

I just had a look at your GitHub profile, and it looks like many of your repos are correctly showing up with a blue R icon already, so it doesn’t look like you need to adjust those settings.