Questions for Involved Community Member

Hello everyone, I am currently conducting research on the Developer Community, specifically the GitHub community, for my composition course. I would like someone at least somewhat involved or active in the community to answer these few questions:

  1. What are the main goals your community works together to achieve and are they put out a lot or implied? What role does writing play in achieving these goals?
  2. What kind of people would you see as normal members in the context of this community and are there others that you would see as abnormal? How do you guys view people that aren’t in your community?
  3. What kind of positions or jobs do people in the community take? What rules or regulations do these positions follow or enforce? What would you say the hierarchy of these roles is and how do they interact with one another?
  4. What forms of writing and communication are normally used? What purpose do these fulfill? How do different forms of communication work together for you?
  5. How does the electronic space you are in affect the way you interact? Would you say there are limitations to how you can communicate in this community?

Please try your best to answer these questions and thank you in advance!