Questions about Github Teams


i have some Questions regarding Github Teams and thought i mind find a answer here.

Since last year you can host a organization repo for free with unlimited users.
Now we occur to have the following “Problem”.
We would like to keep our repos private, but we can’t create a Wiki with the base/free plan, as long as it is private. We now found the Pricing tab that speaks about a “Github Teams” for 4$ each users.
Now i am Wondering: if the Free Version enabled us to work with unlimited users, would it be enough to upgrade the Organization “Creator” Account to enable the Wiki inside a private Repo? Or would everyone need such an Upgrade, that would work with the repo?

Secondly: How much data can u save upon a private github repo?
I once read about 100gb, but can’t find it.

:wave: Welcome!

If you upgrade your organisation to the Team plan, you will pay for every user who has access to private repositories. This includes all organisation members and collaborators who have access to private repositories. If someone is a collaborator on a public repository only, they will not incur a charge.

We have documentation on file and repository size restrictions that you might find helpful.

I hope that clears things up!