Question with gitpush

Hi, I’m having problems with this part of instruction:

Stage, commit, and push your code to the changes branch:

git add src/App.jsx
git commit -m "add a header component"
git push

It keeps asking me to log into my Github account, and then not doing anything afterwards. Thanks

This is most likely due to the recent update on GitHub authentication system, which means that you have to setup your OAuth certificate on your GH account, and then use the certificate instead of your (old) password when using Git. It will required you to delete your previous Git credentials for GitHub, so you can replace the previously stored password with your newly created certificate (a long string), which should then be memorized by your credentials manager.

GitHub did sent to all its users an email warning about the new OAuth credentials, with links to how to migrate to the new credentials system (for those who weren’t using it already).