Question regarding migrating repositories to Github

I am migrating several repositories back to GitHub but I am encountering problems with 2 of those repositories, granting these repositories are quite huge.

We found an error during import

We recommend restarting the import process, but if you are still having trouble contact support.

There was an error pushing commits to GitHub.

Hi @absinthe0223

If you’re bringing git repositories into GitHub, pushing them directly is probably the best way. The importer is more used if you’re coming from a different version control system.

GitHub Importer won’t import anything with existing LFS objects, for instance, which may be the trouble you’re having. It’ll import stuff with files that need to be handled by LFS but not ones that already are.

Can you try pushing the repositories and see if that works?

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We think that may be the problem. We are trying something. Thanks.

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