Question on Steps 14 and 15 on "Creating a New Site"

I am currently trying to make a post on my Github page.

In the “Creating your site” section of this page:

I am having a problem with steps 14 and 15.

When I attempted to do step 14,

$ git remote add origin

the Git Bash printed: remote origin already exists

When I tried git remote -v, it showed

origin (fetch) 

origin (push)

and when I tried to do step 15

$ git push -u origin BRANCH

the Git Bash printed:

error: src refspec main does not match any

Can anyone please help me with how to resolve these issues?

What would be the shortest code to fix the issue?

Thank you.

if you do a git status what does it tell you?

That message usually happens when you create a new repo, but don’t have a file to commit.

@fireformist: you’re right, the instructions are deficient.

This PR should fix them:

There will be a heroku deployment w/ my proposed changes shortly.

Try following the patched instructions.

Thank you for the reply.

I was actually stuck on this step for quite some time now, but I was able to find another website explaining how to bypass this problem with the Github Desktop app, which allowed me to build my blog and make a post.

Thank you though–it’s very helpful that the staff at Github take the initiative to answer questions from novices, like me.

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Thanks for the reply, @jsoref
I had a feeling that the instructions were deficient… but I think I bypassed the problem with the GitHub desktop app. Thanks for the link though.!

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@jsoref How did you get the link to the heroku deployed website…? I recently created a Pull Request on GitHub docs that is under review. The heroku-bot generates an inaccurate link.

P.S. : My question is not related to OP. However it is related to how the solution to the OP was generated.

Circling back, this should arrive in the official documentation w/in 24 hours.